4 years later

Lifes still shit about 7 grand in debt owe dad 8 grand jobs shit cant drive cant pay rent job as a part time cleaner house a tip no friends no real contribution to the world and generally useless.

This blogg s going to get much better hopefully next post shouldnt be 4 years.

Another post

4 months later and not a lot has changed.
Kids have decent beds and we have two decent leather sofas.
Still broke still unemployed got arrested but not charged so yay for me.
Starting a 100 day challenge tomorrow we will see what we can achieve in a 100 days.

A Ship Called Dignity

The Old deacon blue song with the bloke who works for the council who saves all his money and buys a boat and calls it dignity.
Its a nice idea and an inspiring goal to sail off into the sunset on a Yacht called Dignity.
So is it doable for someone like me not at the moment but if I could change it could be.
Specific Sail off in my own boat into the sunset
Measurable Buy a boat
Achievable around 100000 boats in the uk so not impossible
Realistic at the moment not but given twenty years should be doable.
Time by 4th march 2033 twenty years

So smart says its doable
immediate problems unemployed in debt.
dont own a boat rather obvious problem.
Also cant sail which isnt a huge problem if the goal is to sail into the sunset if the winds in the right direction 2nd star to the right straight on to morning and the RNLI can pick up the pieces.
This is understanably stupid and anybody who does that desrves pain.
So learning to sail navigate and maintain a boat is rather high on the list of things to do as well.

So whats this blogg going to be about my plan to sort my life out and get enough cash together to sail off into the sunset.